Sexual Health

with Michelle Green, APRN

Michelle Green graduated from UAMS in 2014 and was NCC Certified in 2015. 

It is Michelle's sincere belief that every person has the right to make their own decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health. VECTOR Health & Wellness offers pregnancy tests, birth control services including pill, patch, ring, injection, IUD, and implants; STI screening and treatment, emergency contraception, wellness exams, and consultation and treatment for UTI, yeast infections, BV, and other common issues for people of all genders. 

We are also excited to offer a full range of pregnancy options counseling to patients who have found out that they are pregnant.

We can provide limited gestational dating ultrasound. This can measure how far along someone is in their pregnancy, but it does not serve a diagnostic purpose. We are unable to bill this service to insurance. Patients who request ultrasound are expected to pay $200 at check-in.

When she's not going above and beyond for her patients, she enjoys true crime podcasts and living on a mountain where nobody can find her.