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LGBTQ+ Health

We know that accessing quality and competent healthcare can be especially challenging for patients who are LGBTQ+ identifying.  We also understand the many factors that lead to the increased health disparities for LGBTQ+ folks.  That's why VECTOR Health & Wellness is committed to providing safe, private and understanding care and support to the LGBTQ+ community.  Our team is dedicated to caring for all patients, but we take particular pride in our ability, knowledge, and dedication to our LGBTQ+ patients.

We provide judgment-free care to LGBTQ+ people seeking primary care, sexual/reproductive health and affirming services.


We are incredibly proud to offer evidence-based masculinizing or feminizing hormone therapy to TG/GNC patients age 15 and older with gender dysphoria (as defined by WPATH) on an informed-consent basis.

Minor patients require parental/legal guardian consent for hormone therapy.


VECTOR does not provide puberty blockers or perform surgery.  Referrals and resources are available for those seeking these services.  Additionally, we are happy to provide referrals/resources to other providers who can assist during the transition process, including mental health providers, hair-removal specialists and speech/voice therapists.

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