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The clinic is closed.


We will be conducting appointments via telemedicine for those patients who have consented to telemedicine and have concerns that can safely be addressed remotely.


For those who have not consented to telemedicine, or have concerns that cannot be addressed virtually, we can reschedule your appointment.


FOR QUESTIONS - PLEASE EMAIL US as we have no access to phones or voicemail -


When we call today

it may say "RESTRICTED" or "PRIVATE"




If Fayetteville Public Schools close OR SWITCH TO VIRTUAL LEARNING DUE TO WEATHER, or if Fayetteville city offices close for weather, VECTOR's Lobby and Lab will also be closed. We will attempt to switch to telemedicine for those patients who have consented to telemedicine and have concerns that can safely be addressed remotely. For those that have not consented to telemedicine or have concerns that cannot be addressed virtually, we will call you to reschedule your appointment when we are back to the office.


Please note that our Telemedicine Policy has changed!


For those patients who have completed new clinic paperwork after 10/1/23, these changes are effective immediately. For those who have not yet completed new clinic paperwork, we will let you know of the important changes, what steps you need to take to utilize telemedicine and where to go to consent to the new policy.


As a reminder, patients MUST either speak to a VECTOR staff member or send us an electronic communication to complete your pre-appointment check in AT LEAST 24 hours before your telemedicine appointment or your appointment will be canceled without further notice to avoid incurring a cancellation fee.


**For those of you who choose to send us a secure electronic communication, we recommend completing the form under the "Telemedicine Check-In" button in the top lefthand corner above - as this is the easiest method. You can also send your information by email to or by using the communication form in the Contact Us section. Please refer to your copy of the Telemedicine Consent to make sure all of the required information is submitted.**


Minor HRT Enrollment has ended. We anticipate the next enrollment period to begin in March or April 2024. We will announce when the next Minor HRT Enrollment period will begin. As a reminder, Minor HRT appointments will be limited to HRT and sexual/reproductive health. Minor HRT patients will be required to remain under the care of their current primary care providers or pediatricians until further notice.

We remain open to patients who are requesting care for HIV, PrEP and nPEP services, but we are not able to also provide primary care for these patients at this time.

 We are strictly enforcing our policy for fees and dismissals for those with repeated missed appointments to improve equity to those who can use those appointment slots for care.

10/13/23, 3:00 PM

Due to the overwhelming number of requests for new patient appointments for Adult HRT, Sexual/Reproductive Health and Primary care, we are no longer accepting patient applications for these types of appointments. For those of you who have already submitted paperwork, please be patient while we process the paperwork.  We will notify everyone who has submitted paperwork up until now if we are able to schedule you for a new patient appointment. We cannot guarantee that everyone who has submitted paperwork will get an appointment but we are doing our best to accommodate as many patients as is safely possible. We thank you for your interest in our clinic and we will update our website and Facebook page as soon as we are able to accept new patients again.

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